The Table of contents

1..That Day


These Hibakusya were filmed by the U.S. Military

3..Conatmination from Nuclear Test Poisons the World

|What the nuclear arms race produced

The Pacific Test Sites: The Marshall Islands

Nevada Test Sites, USA

Semipalatinsk (former USSR)Nuclear Testing Range

FRENCH and BRITISH Nuclear Tests

Lop Nor Nuclear Test Site, CHINA

Accidents and contamination at nuclear weapons factories

The Chelyabinsk Disaster

Hanford Nuclear Facilities

Sellafierld, the Contaminated Coast

The Vicinity of the Azgir Test Site

The first stage of the dangerous nuclear cycle/Uranium mining

The Nightmare of Nuclear Waste

4.."For peaceful purposes"

  |The idea is attractive, but the reality is grim.

The terrifying prospect of the 'China Syndrome'

The Chernobyl Disaster

In Japan, too, people are losing faith in the 'myth of nuclear safety'

5..The cry of the HIBAKUSYA

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