Introducing Photographer

Shunkichi KIKUCHI


1916 Born on 1 May in Ontayacho,Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture,
1938 After graduating from the oriental Photography School, Kikuchi is employed in the Photography Division of Tokyo Kogeisha and begins his careere as a news photographer.
1941 Employed in the photography Division of Tohosha, a company established by Kuwazo OKADA.
1942 Member of the photography staff of the magazine Front, the first issue of which is published in February.
1945 The Ministry of Education organized the "Science Council of Japan Special Committee on the Damage Caused by the Atomic Bomb, Hiroshima/Nagasaki Survey Group," and commissioned the Nippon Eiga Sha as its Documentary Film Division. Kikuchi served as the still photographer attached to the divisin responsible for recording medical matters. He recorded post-atomic bomb Hiroshima from 30 September to 22 October.
1946 Establishes Bunka-sha with Ihei KIMURA and others.
Photographs the scorched ruins of Tokyo and publishes his work as Tokyo, 1945 Autumn.
Perticipates in the creation and publication of new scientific magazine, Shizen. taking responsibility for the introductions of prominent medical reserchers and becoming involved in scientific photography for the first time.
1951 Has photographs published in such distinguished magazines as Sekai, Chuo Koron, and Fujin Koron.
1986 Contributes photographs to collections of historical phtographic materials such as Ginza and the War and Showa no Rekishi.
1990 November. Dies at age 74 of acute leukemia.


Works on Display(Permanent/Collections)

1986 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography: 30 photographs (Permanent Collection)
Kawasaki City Museum, Kanagawa Prefecture: 20 photographs (Permanet Collections)
1990 Yonago City Museum: 2 photographs (Permanet Collections)
Kyoto Museum for World Peace,Ritsumeikan University: 7 photographs (Permanet Collections)


Edo-Tokyo Museum: 2 photographs
1995 Ehime Prefectual Science Museum, Ehime Prefecture: 2 photographs
Fuji Municipal Museum, Shizuoka Prefecture: 1 phtograph
1996 Kagamigahara Aerospace Museum, Gifu Prefecture: 1 phtograph
Hino automobile Corporation Museum: 3 photographs

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